Flying Swan - Rainbow Soft Almond - 200g Pack

Flying Swan - Rainbow Soft Almond - 200g Pack

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Our flavours are all natural, no artificial colours, additives or preservatives. 

- No Gluten, Diary Free 

- All flavours are produced with Australian Honey, Almonds & Sugar

- Pack includes 200g Individually Wrapped Pieces 

About the Company 

Flying Swan Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian confectionery and health bar manufacturer. We are one of the largest nougat producers in the Asia Pacific Region, Australian made and 100% Australian owned family business, based in Melbourne Victoria.

We produce premium Italian style nougat, specialising in both soft and crunchy textures using traditional handmade techniques passed down from generations which makes our nougat premium and unique.

We are also the creators of the " Aussie Bush Bar ", Australia's tastiest health bar.

With a focus on premium quality products, produced by using only the finest natural ingredients, the texture, quality and taste of our nougat today is exactly the same as it was centuries ago and it still manufactured the same way.

We operate our production and premises under a HACCP plan to ensure that our product is produced to the highest standards possible.